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🔸Why bite-sized? Over time I've noticed people keep pushing this topic away. So every Monday I send out a couple of lines related to a concept related to defence, response or recovery related to: cybersecurity and fraud prevention.

🔹 I believe we can all learn more about cybersecurity, it's about starting with small pieces. Ten years ago was new to me too, now I have helped countless individuals, small business and practitioners through coaching and my book, however I want to help more people...

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More on what we cover together:

Tips are provided for everyone to become cyber safe and secure at home and...

  • 🛟Understand how to keep data safer
  • 🛟Mitigate risks through easy-to-learn layered defences
  • 🛟Keep you and your family safer online
  • 🛟Know the first steps to take if you experience a cyber attack or fraud

Specific tips to small business owners and practitioners holding confidential data (these tips and skills you can also use at home):

  • 🔐Setting up layered defences
  • 🔑The risks around online conversations
  • 💡Understand the connections between ethics and cybersecurity.
  • 🧱Building a response capability in case something happens
  • 👹Learning how to react if a cyber event occurs
  • 🧩Understanding how to explain security to your clients


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