🍀I'm Alexandra, a cybersecurity consultant, coaching psychologist, academic and author.

➡️ I have helped countless individuals, small business and practitioners working with confidential data to be more secure, through coaching and my book.

➡️ I also help individuals that have been a victim of cybercrime or fraud to start to look forward again and work on strengthening their confidence to be online again.

I set up this page to be able to create more scalability of how I can support people but also help you realize that you can learn to be safer online. The trick is to break it down into small elements that we learn over time, absorbing and applying overtime. My experience has been people look at the big picture, decide it’s ‘impossible’ then close down. Instead, we need to see that the picture is not going to change, realize it’s possible if we take it step-by-step and open up.

Here each week, we try to break down something into the smallest amount of sentences to get you understanding a concept, tip or piece of advice, which you can consider some action on or decide to read more about. Over time, you will pick up more and more all building your competences to protect you from cyber threats and from fraud - every layer of defence does count. Learning gradually is better than not learning at all.

Each tip you get consider also how you can pass this one to people around you as sometimes giving is as good as receiving and explaining something to another helps us embed the learning.