There's a perception that cybersecurity is hard and my belief is this is due to that we see it as this big topic to learn in a certain way. Instead, I often tell people, with my book - just take it and open any random page and start reading and actioning the practical tips. Why do I say that? Because we can continue to avoid this topic or we can get stuck in - just 10 minutes a week on any topic is a better start than no minutes at all. We can learn this step-by-step, taking one concept at a time. So whatever draws your interest and gets you curious around this topic - start exploring.

This is what we do on this newsletter too. Absorbing a couple of sentences each week, a little at at time, we also get a chance to embed, practice and evolve. Then we can add the next brick🧱

📘Book titles have to be short and parts of the book are aimed specifically at coaches, therapists, councillors, psychologists, researchers, mentors – essentially any practitioner working with either confidential, sensitive or client specific data.  However, the overarching elements work for anyone wanting to become more secure. Individuals looking to be better protected online have also read and used it after contacting me for information and support or coming to this site.  Small business owners from different industries also reach out that they have found it useful and tell me which things they have already actioned!

💡From working within fraud prevention and cybersecurity, I had both seen first-hand the impact on victims and also had insight into the rise in attacks.  My work covers how we strengthen our defences to prevent these attacks, how we can respond if something happens and how we recover - and information in the book can help anyone take first steps on these journeys.

Cybersecurity for Coaches and Therapists: A Practical Guide for Protecting Client Data
This groundbreaking book filters down the wealth of information on cybersecurity to the most relevant and highly applicable aspects for coaches, therapists, researchers and all other practitioners handling confidential client conversations and data. Whether working with clients online or face to fa…